Donation Wishlist

Though I don't expect anything for my open source contributions (that would defeat the point of sharing), I've had a handful of people say that they'd like to contribute something. Since I have plenty of toys already, I'd like to encourage you to send your money to people who need it nore than me (I do have a day job, so I won't feel bad). There are a lot of worthy causes that can always use a donation (no need to do so in my name, but I'd love to hear from you if you make a donation because of me). Some of my favorites are listed below.

Since this also doubles as my birthday/Christmas wishlist for family and friends who might feel inclined to get me something, I've also provided an actual gift wishlist, more or less in order of my preference.

Amazon wishlist
I've tried to sprinkle this with a few inexpensive things that would represent the gesture of giving as much as the gift itself. This wishlist also now contains items from stores other than amazon, but please remember that many of these can often still be found cheaper at other stores (,, etc.). Make sure to sort by priority, too -- for some reason it defaults to date sort, which is just silly.
Erik the Flutemaker
If you're looking for something unique, take a look at Erik the Flutemaker's site. I've collected wooden flutes for years, and he makes some great ones. If you're serious about this, I already have a low D flute, bamboo clarinet and tenor sax, and I like the concert-tuned ones in darker shades (but no fancy carving), or natural ones "with personality". I currently have my eye on the end-blown shakuhachi. It also helps to mention that I play left-handed.
Aquitaine sundial
I've wanted one of these for awhile. I already have a more traditional style sundial pendant, but I've found that the aquitaine style are a bit easier to use, not to mention more accurate.
For those with no imagination, money always works. Though keep in mind that paypal takes a $0.30 + 2.9% chunk off the top, so this is definitely not the best option.

Since I'd rather not risk putting my address out on the internet, you can send any donations to my work address:

Chris Petersen, c/o Marchex
520 Pike Street, Suite 1800
Seattle, WA 98101