Chris Petersen

Welcome to, the online home of Chris Petersen. If you're looking for my beautiful wife Jessica, check out her cooking blog.

Though I primarily use this site for behind-the-scenes development of web and e-commerce software, in the spirit of what the web was designed for, I've chosen to share a part of my life with anyone out there who is mildly interested in reading about it.

I have a full time job and a great life away from this computer so I don't really update much of this site very often. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't check back occasionally to see (or just use the RSS feed). And by all means feel free to drop me a line.

Latest News

Website Updated

Welcome to the new After designing a new website for MythTV, I figured that I should probably put some effort into my own site. The new website is based on the same framework I built for MythTV, minus a lot of the cool graphical stuff that I don't really need here.

Feel free to poke around -- I hope the new navigation setup will be a little friendlier to use.

Posted by xris on March 15th 2009

New Blog

My wife recently decided to take up the persona of "the other tiger" in a blog about her writing endeavors, but it turned into a food blog instead. I'm sure I'll eventually start posting about some of my own cooking/baking experiments, too. Especially once the rest of my spherification chemicals show up.
Posted by xris on December 21st 2008

Miracle Fruit

I'm fast becoming a fan of Miracle Fruit, so I've set up a new site dedicated to helping people share information about their own experiences. So take your own flavor trip and head on over to share what you discovered.
Posted by xris on August 18th 2008

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