Freelance Developer Rates

Thinking that you might need a good HTML/Perl/PHP/Database developer?

Though I work full time, I do occasionally take on some smaller projects on the side. The number of these has increased over time, so I decided that I should post my rates for people to have an easy reference.

Standard: $100/hour
Billed in 15 minute blocks with a minimum of 1 hour *

This is my standard hourly rate. I work at my own pace, which means that I may only be able to put in an average of an hour or so daily on your project (especially if I'm working on more than one project at a time, as I often am, and have to spread my time between several projects).

Urgent: $180/hour
Billed in 15 minute blocks with a minimum of 1 hour *

If you need something done ASAP, I will do my best to clear my immediate after-work or weekend schedule to get your project done. However, I bill at a much higher hourly rate.

Onsite: $150/hour + $25 trip fee
Billed in 30 minute blocks with a minimum of 2 hours *

As a programmer, I don't expect to be doing any onsite work, but if you need me onsite for anything (including in-person training), this is what it will cost. If it takes me more than 30 minutes to commute to your site, I will also bill for my time during the commute, minus 30 minutes each way.

Meetings: $85/hour
Billed in 30 minute blocks with a minimum of 1 hour *

Though technically onsite, I realize that meetings are different than standard onsite work, so they are billed in a separate category. I will also charge a $25 trip fee for the meeting if it isn't in a residential area and I need to find and pay for parking. Unless it is extremely long or inconvenient, I will not charge for initial consultation meetings.

* 1-hour minimums are per-project, not per-day. On some days, I may only have 30 minutes to work on your project, and that's all that I would bill for. However, if you wish me to resume work on a project that was previously considered finished, that will constitute a new project.