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As someone who likes to spend way too much time messing with computers, I wasn't ready to just plop down my $350-1000 plus monthly service charges for a Tivo or ReplayTV box when I could pick up the hardware cheap (benefit of working for a company that builds computers) and build my own. Of the two main PVR projects available at the time, MythTV was by far the most mature, and contained the most features. I'm pretty sure this is still the case - and it's not really that hard even for the intermediate-level computer user to install and configure.

In the spirit of Open Source software, I immediately wanted to lend a hand with this awesome project, so I did just that. What you find below are my contributions to the MythTV project. For those who want to see everything, here's a link straight to the files directory.


This is my official contribution to the MythTV project. I hope to someday make it into the perfect interface for all mythtv scheduling and configuration needs. If you'd like to help, join the mailing list.


nuvexport is once again officially part of MythTV, and you can find the source code in the subversion repository. If you are looking for documentation, please see the entry in the MythTV wiki.

Feel I've done something worthy of a reward? I have a wishlist.