Please note that this is my "full" resume (i.e. curriculum vitae). It isn't tailored for any specific job application, and thus contains a wide sampling of skills and experience (often not specifically related to my chosen profession in technology). This is always my most up-to-date resume — if you ask me for an updated version, I will just send you this URL (though if asked, I will happily provide a more concise/professional PDF version).

Be aware that I am not looking for employment at the moment. I am happily employed in a job that I enjoy. That doesn't mean that I'm not open to considering other opportunities, but it does mean that I have no interest in contract positions, anything outside of the Seattle area, or anything that pays less than what I currently make (so please provide salary ranges if you decide to contact me).

If you have my phone number on file, please do not call it. . If you wish to speak with me in more detail, you may use the Call Me link above and leave me voicemail. However, I prefer that you contact me via email or my contact page. I check my email regularly and will reply quickly if I'm interested.

You can also feel free to check out my profile.

Resumé: Chris Petersen


  • Software Development:

    Advanced knowledge of Perl (20 years), Python (4 years), Java (2 years), Ruby/Rails (2 years), PHP (12 years), Javascript (11 years), UNIX shell scripting (14 years), and reading knowledge of Go, C, and C++. Experience working with data exchange formats like XML, SOAP, and JSON via AJAX, XMLRPC, JSON-RPC, and REST.
  • Web Design:

    Expert level HTML, CSS, and Javascript (including AJAX/JSON and libraries like jQuery), including semantic markup, as well as a great deal of experience with SEO (search engine optimization) and web-based user interface design. Extremely comfortable working within MVC template frameworks like Rails, and administering Apache web servers.
  • Database design:

    Considerable knowledge of design, administration, and performance tuning of MySQL. Also experienced at designing databases and tuning queries for PostgreSQL and SQLite. I also have experience with NoSQL and document-based systems like Memcached, Redis, CouchBase, Solr, and ElasticSearch (lucene).
  • Project Management:

    Certified Scrum Master, and experience with Stanford design thinking.
  • Linux system administration:

    I have administered Linux servers personally and professionally since 2000. Aside from the software listed above, I also have experience managing Email, DNS, Samba, Xen, and many other Linux services and server applications.
  • Operating Systems:

    Linux (primarily Red Hat/Fedora/CentOS), Mac OS X, and Windows.
  • Expert knowledge of RTFM and STFW.

RELEVANT EXPERIENCE (and some other stuff just for fun)

  • Sr. Applied Architect: Nordstrom.

    Seattle, WA, 1/12/15 to present
    • Helping design and build better mobile experiences for Nordstrom's customers and salespeople alike, including the NEXT salesperson-to-customer texting app with TextStyle (text-to-buy), and other cool projects you could see soon online or in a store near you.
  • Executive Director / Lead Developer: Schedules Direct.

    Seattle, WA, 7/07 to present (part time)
    • Founding board member of nonprofit corporation that provides TV listings data to users of Open Source and free software, along with education about Free and Open Source software.
    • Designed, implemented and maintain website, using PHP, Perl, SOAP, CSS and Javascript technologies.
    • Coordinate and oversee work of other developers on the website and related services.
    • Oversee day to day business and financial operations.
  • Director / Owner: Wingman Brewers.

    Tacoma, WA, 8/10 to present (weekends only)
    • Board of Directors and part owner of this craft brewery.
  • Solutions Architect: RealPage.

    Seattle, WA, 3/01/14 to 1/09/15
    • Architect overseeing RealPage's ActiveBuilding product as the team transitions from separate PHP and .NET applications to a modern Python 3 REST API and CoffeeScript-based single page web application.
  • Development Manager: RealPage.

    Seattle, WA, 10/28/13 to 3/01/14
    • Hire and lead the team of developers (and UI/UX designer) responsible for ActiveBuilding, a suite of web and mobile applications for multi-residence management and social networking.
    • Oversee and assist in development of traditional MVC PHP application while transitioning it to a more services oriented approach, including architecture of a new public REST API, and implementing a new Responsive CoffeeScript/JavaScript web application to eventually serve mobile and desktop browsers.
  • Lead Software Development Engineer: Active Building.

    Seattle, WA, 12/3/12 to 10/28/13
    • Hire and manage a team of developers to transition development of ActiveBuilding's core PHP-based SaaS application away from 3rd party developers.
    • Guide future development of AB's web application toward a more modern and robust service oriented architecture in support of internal and external REST API users, including responsive Angular.js web interface.
    • Implement agile SDLC, and increase fault tolerance by standardizing AWS provisioning and deployment via Chef.
    • Oversee agency and contractor development of mobile/responsive website and mobile apps.
  • Senior Software Engineer: RealNetworks.

    Seattle, WA, 4/11/11 to 11/15/12
    • Senior engineer on a consumer media cloud service, including heavy integration with mobile/web clients and third party APIs (e.g. Facebook). Primarily responsible for Java/Jetty server and distributed asynchronous workers, along with designing a scalable JSON-RPC API. Technologies used included PostgreSQL, Redis, RabbitMQ, Neo4j, noeqd, Heroku, Amazon S3, EC2.
    • Senior engineer and architect for Firefly, a social media-sharing application. Responsible for all technical aspects of the project, from choice of primary language and frameworks to accompanying technologies like Elasticsearch, gearman, MySQL, and PostGIS. Project ended 2012-02.
    • Focused rough business requirements into a database schema and JSON-RPC API, then implemented these as scalable python web application and media processing framework.
    • Design and implement libraries for tight integration with third-party services like Facebook Graph API, Google Maps, OpenStreetMaps, and GeoNames.
    • Oversee development of mobile app, produced by third party contractor.
  • Senior Software Engineer: Marchex.

    Seattle, WA, 9/01/08 to 4/08/11
    • Senior engineer for Marchex Call Analytics team, responsible for maintaining a large Perl, Mason, and Javascript application and updating it to work with improvements to the supporting PostgreSQL, Asterisk, and Redis architecture.
    • MCA team members are also responsible for upgrading the Ruby-based Call Mining platform from proof of concept to a product capable of real-world scale, processing and analyzing over 100k minutes of phone calls per month.
    • Primary Engineer on Marchex's Ruby-based Reputation Management product. Duties included working closely with product managers and UI designers, as well as re-architecting the existing beta application to scale to an estimated 200,000 daily users after its public launch.
    • Technical Lead, overseeing development of PHP-, Perl-, and Java-based websites like and other directory sites operated by Marchex.
    • Technical Lead for the Marchex Business Profiles Pages team, which was a major contributor to Marchex's winning of the 2009 Search Engine Watch "Best SEM Technology Platform for SMBs" award.
    • Help design and implement web-based tools and sites for Marchex's Publishing department.
    • Lead team of web developers to design and implement company-wide standards for HTML and CSS design, and SEO best practices.
    • Manage teams of 3-4 other developers.
  • Senior Software Developer: iFLOOR.

    Tukwila, WA, 12/01/07 to 8/31/08
    • Perl, HTML and PostgreSQL developer on's custom ERP software and e-commerce website.
    • Upgrade legacy CVS revision control system to Subversion (SVN) and train others in its proper usage.
    • Development lead, "second chair" project manager, and SEO architect on redesigned website (June 2008).
    • Configure Bricolage content publishing system, and train users in some of its more advanced template features.
    • Replace antiquated True Spectra image manipulation/delivery system with tools based on ImageMagick and the Google Maps API. You can see a demo/tutorial about the zoom functionality here.
    • Integrate Power Reviews product review system.
  • Lead Developer / Webmaster / Manager: Silicon Mechanics.

    Bothell, WA, 11/01/02 through 11/30/07
    • Design, implement, maintain and oversee development for a customized PHP- and MySQL-based solution for SiMech's business/ERP/CRM process. Aspects include pre-sale quotes, e-commerce and over-the-phone sales, support incident and RMA tracking, project and inventory management, customer management, and shipment invoicing and tracking.
    • Hire, train and manage a team developers and testers to assist with development and accommodate company growth from 11/02 employee count of 8 to 100+ employees by the time I left.
    • Set up and administer Apache and replicated MySQL servers.
    • Design the majority of graphics, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and other "look/feel" aspects of the website as it looked from early 2004 until March of 2008 (though many of my user interface elements are still in place today).
    • Administer email, DNS and firewall servers (currently as backup administrator after passing duties off to full-time SysAdmin in 8/06).
    • Photograph systems and other products, and perform any necessary digital post-processing (slowly transitioned these duties to product manager and graphic designer in 2006 and 2007)
    • Help with system and rack integration when needed.
    • 3/05, promoted from Developer/Webmaster to Sr. Developer upon hiring my first assistant developer.
  • Programmer: VersusLaw, Inc.

    Redmond, WA, 11/01 to 11/02
    • Designed and wrote Perl-based web robots designed for extracting legal information from various websites, including building a modular framework to facilitate creation of future robots.
    • Designed and implemented several modifications for the search engine.
  • Chief Programmer: Web Eye Technologies.

    Seattle, WA, 8/96 to 5/02
    • Designed and developed an online shopping cart program using SQL and Perl DBI.
    • Expanded this program into a complete web-based website-design tool and content management system (CMS), designed to return the power of website creation to the hands of the small businesses and e-commerce users who own the sites, without requiring any special web-design knowledge on their part.


  • Personal Projects on GitHub:

    • I have a variety of open source projects hosted at GitHub, designed for my own interests/needs as well as a few started on my own time to solve work-related needs.
  • Steering Committee and Board Member: MythTV

    Seattle, WA, 8/10 to present
    • Guide near- and long-term development efforts, including major architectural decisions.
    • Coordinate projects and planning between developers located around the world.
  • Project Maintainer: MythWeb

    Seattle, WA, 6/03 to present
    • Open Source (GPL) web interface to MythTV, a popular DVR (Digital Video Recorder) application suite. Written in a combination of PHP, Perl and Javascript.
    • MythWeb has received rave reviews from LinuxJournal, LinuxTag and thousands of users around the world.
    • Mentored a student to enhance MythWeb as part of Google's 2006 Summer of Code.
  • Project Maintainer: nuvexport

    Seattle, WA, 6/03 to present
    • Open Source (GPL) program that interacts with MythTV, allowing its users to export recorded TV shows to a variety of more portable video formats. Written in Perl.
    • Mentored a student as part of Google's 2006 Summer of Code to convert nuvexport into a C++ application natively integrated with the core video processing libraries used by MythTV. Unfortunately, this student dropped out before submitting any useful work.


The University of Chicago

, Chicago, IL
Master of Arts in the Social Sciences
Emphasis on South Asian Anthropology
Graduated: August, 2001

Whitman College

, Walla Walla, WA
Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy
Minors: Psychology and Religion
Graduated: May, 1999


  • Languages:

    • Near fluency in conversational Spanish.
    • Basic German.
  • Photography:

    • General photographic skills, both technical and artistic
    • Studio photography for inanimate objects (product shots, primarily of computer equipment).
    • Extensive experience in digital photography and digital photo reconstruction.
    • Archeological record keeping (pit and artifact documentation), and museum artifact photography.
    • Publication: Diario de Avisos: Nov. 18, 1999, p. 29 (Newspaper: Canary Islands, Spain).


  • Linux

    : I have used Linux for a long time. I am also a contributor to the Fedora Project and serve on the board of the Seattle GNU Linux Conference.
  • Open Source Software

    : I am a firm believer in the value of Free Software, and am actively involved in several open source projects. You can see my major contributions listed above.
  • Akili Dada

    : I served on the advisory council and still act as a technology advisor for this nonprofit organization dedicated to providing high-school scholarships to young women in Kenya.
  • Brewing

    : I'm fascinated by all things fermented, and dabble with cider, mead, Belgian style beers, and the occasional homemade cheese.
  • Medieval Reenactment

    : I have participated with the Society for Creative Anachronism (an international not-for-profit organization dedicated to the study and reenactment of the middle ages) and other experimental archeology groups on and off since 1995, mostly as an excuse to go camping with good friends.


  • Piramides de Güímar

    : November, 1999.
    • 3 weeks of digging on the island of Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain).
    • Directed by Dr. Thor Heyerdahl.
    • Surveyed pyramids for map-making, worked as dig photographer, and spent some time digging and sifting.
  • Khirbet Cana

    : July and August, 1998.
    • 5 weeks of digging in Israel with the University of Puget Sound.
    • Detailed daily lectures on archeology, early Galilean culture and Biblical scholarship.
    • Archeological tours led by local experts to many of the ruins in and around the Galilee.