So, my sister called me the other day asking about this free tv giveaway that she had heard about. Normally, I'd just dismiss this as a scam (which I did at first), but when engadget started explaining how it works, I figured that I had nothing to lose from this pseudo-pyramid scheme, especially when I discovered a forum (now defunct) dedicated to setting up a "conga line" for users to take advantage of this specific deal. So what the heck, I signed up. And since I know that there are at least a couple of people who read this stuff, feel free to sign up at the forum, too. Then follow the referral link to freeflatscreens, and sign up for something like Blockbuster Online (no payment necessary) or one of the Citi credit card offers (Citi is my preferred credit card, so they come highly recommended).
Posted by xris on July 31st 2004