TV Providers

Have you ever really looked at your cable bill, and realized how much money you are spending? When I realized that I was paying about $45/month (after tax) for standard analog cable, I felt robbed. After researching a bit, I realized that for the same amount of money, I can get a 4-tv DishNetwork setup. This is all digital, more channels (it even includes Sirius radio), supposedly better quality than digital cable, and even does the same on-demand kind of stuff. For the same amount of money. So I signed up. Then I called comcast to cancel, and they offered me $25/month off of my bill for 16 months if I signed up for a digital package. This is a great deal, so I called and cancelled my Dish order. When I called Comcast back to take the deal, they said I had been misinformed, and that the $25/month deal was only if I wanted to sell my satellite equipment to them (I don't have any, and won't have to buy any -- it's all included with my Dish plan). Screw them. They lied, they won't get my business again, and I'll pass along the word that they're the horrible company that they seem to be, and encourage people to switch to Dish or DirecTV (I only went with Dish because of price, so have no particular loyalty to them). On that note, if anyone is interested in Dish, let me know -- if I refer you, they'll lower my bill. Saving money is always nice.
Posted by xris on July 24th 2004